Walk for Kids
with Allergies 2024

Empowering our community, one step at a time, to support children with allergies through awareness, education, treatment, and advocacy.

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Join us, this year, as our champions will travel, 100% self funded, to trek up to 20 km per day over 8 days through picturesque Tuscany, Italy; with others registered to participate virtually in Melbourne, Australia, in an effort to rally support and raise funds for children with allergies.

The Centre for Paediatric Allergies at Epworth is a collaboration between the Australian Food Allergy Foundation and the Epworth Medical Foundation. 

Today, you can help raise funds for a new Paediatric Research Fellow, helping to reduce the delay for children and their families to see a trained allergy specialist. 

“1 in 10 infants born today are diagnosed with a food allergy.  Global studies have reported an increase in non-fatal food related anaphylaxis and hospital admissions. Australia however is reporting an increase in food related fatalities with infants and children most affected.  Our collective approach towards awareness raising, education, research into treatments and cures, and preventative measures through proper food handling and safety must be addressed so that  fatalities from #foodallergies and #anaphylaxis occur #neveragain

The countdown is on!

#foodallergies #anaphylaxis #neveragain

$85,343 raised

$200,000 Goal

$85,343 raised

$200,000 Goal

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All funds raised from this challenge will support the Centre for Paediatric Allergies at Epworth in their search for better treatment and care for our youngest patients.